CashTrak 420

The CashTrak 420 delivers:
• Insert all high value currency for each retail transaction
• Patented rolled hinged doors
• Wrap-around doors to eliminate pry-attacks
• Full surround bolt capture system (6DBT)
• Fully encrypted communications
• Patented dedicated service door that prevents cash access
• Serviceable modules can be easily swapped without tools
• High reliability, robust user interface and solid state control electronics
• Real-time performance data sent from safe
• Assignable one-touch cashier buttons
• Automatic tracking of deposits by user, shift and end of business day
• Convenient standard report generation
• Seamless data connections to many popular web portals


  • 3 Doors: Service / Maintenance, Cash Vault, and Storage Access
  • Validators: CPI SCN66 single note feeder
  • Cassette: 1200 note or 2200 note (increases depth by 6′). Optional bulk note feeders (25 notes per bunch)
  • Locks: Six Dimensional Bolt Trap System (6DBT) on all doors
  • Communications: Internal 4G LTE cellular modem
  • User Interface: Spill resistant, slideable membrane keypad with OLED display
  • Riser Option: 10′ riser to bring safe to counter-height
  • Envelope Drop Slot: 5″ x 1/2″ opening with anti-fishing defense
  • Printer: 24VDC printer power supply port, serial data port
  • Input Power: 120/240 VAC
  • Maintenance: Service light, Mop guard base plate

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